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July 28, 2016

Recommended Reading: Breaking the Oil Spell : The Gulf Falcons' Path to Diversification

This book discusses attempts at diversification in the Middle East and North Africa.
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April 12, 2016

Nauru becomes IMF’s 189th Member

The Republic of Nauru joined the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on April 12, 2016, becoming the institution's 189th member. read more >>



Implementing a US Carbon Tax : Challenges and Debates

This book is about the practicalities of introducing a carbon tax in the United States, set against the broader fiscal context.

How Large Are Global Energy Subsidies?

This paper provides a comprehensive, updated picture of energy subsidies at the global and regional levels. It finds that post-tax energy subsidies are dramatically higher than previously estimated.

Getting Energy Prices Right : From Principle to Practice

This book develops a practical methodology to show how major environmental damage from energy can be quantified for different countries and used to design efficient energy taxes.

Administering Fiscal Regimes for Extractive Industries

Natural resources are valuable but finite non-renewable national assets. This handbook explains how tax policy affects natural resource tax administration.

Environmental and Health Impacts of Energy Subsidy Reform

Energy subsidies cause overconsumption of petroleum products, coal, and natural gas. This overconsumption in turn aggravates global warming and worsens local pollution.

The Taxation of Petroleum and Minerals : Principles, Problems and Practice

This book is of interest to Economics postgraduates and researchers working on resource issues, as well as professionals working on taxation of oil, gas and minerals/mining.

Fiscal Policy to Mitigate Climate Change : A Guide for Policymakers

This volume provides practical guidelines for the design of fiscal policies to reduce greenhouse gases.

Beyond the Curse : Policies to Harness the Power of Natural Resources

This volume explores the potential challenges to countries with abundant natural resources and ways to manage these challenges so as to reap the benefits of resource wealth while avoiding the pitfalls.



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