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Source: The Romanian Economic Reform Program

Series: Occasional Papers

Author(s): Mohsin Khan , and Dimitri Demekas


Publication Date: 15 June 1991

ISBN: 9781557751904

Keywords: banking, foreign trade, foreign exchange, price liberalization, reform program

This paper outlines the main characteristics and the development of the centrally planned economic sysetm in Romania before the beginnings of the transition to a market eonomy it then presents the design, objective...

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Source: Vietnam : Transition to a Market Economy

Series: Occasional Papers

Author(s): Krishna Srinivasan , Erich Spitäller , M. Braulke , Christian Mulder , Hisanobu Shishido , Kenneth M. Miranda , John Dodsworth , and Keon Lee


Publication Date: 15 March 1996

ISBN: 9781557755384

Keywords: exchange rate, inflation, foreign exchange, state enterprises, exchange rates

The paper explores the pattern of transition of the Vietnamese economy, the policies that were applied, and the reasons for the country's success. In particular, it focuses on output performance; state-owned enterp...

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Source: The Lao People's Democratic Republic : Systemic Transformation and Adjustment

Series: Occasional Papers

Author(s): Ichiro Otani , and Chi Pham


Publication Date: 28 May 1996

ISBN: 9781557755605

Keywords: banking, exchange rate, foreign exchange, privatization, foreign investment

Faced with a steadily worsening economy, the government of the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic took its first steps toward reforming its centrally planned economy in December 1979. The reform process gathered momen...