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Algeria: Selected Issues

Algeria: Selected Issues »

Source: Algeria : Selected Issues

Volume/Issue: 2006/101

Series: IMF Staff Country Reports

Author(s): International Monetary Fund


Publication Date: 09 March 2006

ISBN: 9781451811506

Keywords: regional integration, trade liberalization, trade diversion, free trade area, labor market

This Selected Issues paper for Algeria analyzes the potential economic impact of Algeria's Association Agreement with the European Union (AAEU). The paper lays out the major elements of Algeria's AAEU and makes a c...

A Primeron Mineral Taxation

A Primeron Mineral Taxation »

Source: A Primeron Mineral Taxation

Volume/Issue: 2001/139

Series: IMF Working Papers

Author(s): Thomas Baunsgaard


Publication Date: 01 September 2001

ISBN: 9781451856040

Keywords: mineral tax, mining and petroleum, mineral extraction, rate of return, tax system, fiscal stability, tax rate,

The paper discusses options available to tax mineral extraction projects particularly in developing countries. A desirable government share of the economic rent generated from mineral extraction can be achieved thr...