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Spillovers of Domestic Shocks

Spillovers of Domestic Shocks »

Source: Spillovers of Domestic Shocks : Will They Counteract the 'Great Moderation'?

Volume/Issue: 2010/78

Series: IMF Working Papers

Author(s): Ashoka Mody , and Alina Carare


Publication Date: 01 March 2010

ISBN: 9781451982213

Keywords: Output growth volatility, vertical specialization, output growth, domestic shocks, global trade,

Even prior to the extreme volatility just observed, output growth volatility-following protracted decline-was flattening or mildly rising in some countries. More widespread was an increasing tendency from the mid-1...

Tax Policy

Tax Policy »

Source: Tax Policy : Recent Trends and Coming Challenges

Volume/Issue: 2007/274

Series: IMF Working Papers

Author(s): Tehmina S. Khan , and John Norregaard


Publication Date: 01 December 2007

ISBN: 9781451868371

Keywords: Tax reform, personal income tax, corporate income tax, value-added tax, tax wedge, green taxes, taxation, tax revenues, tax rates, tax systems,

This paper provides an overview of the key economic factors that shape tax policy reform in many high-income countries, developing countries, and/or transition economies. The paper describes and evaluates global an...