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Understanding the Investment Climate

Understanding the Investment Climate »

Source: Finance & Development, March 2005

Volume/Issue: 42/1

Series: Finance & Development

Author(s): International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.


Publication Date: 01 March 2005

ISBN: 9781451953909

Keywords: trading system, global trading, freer trade, press, facsimile

This paper highlights that the current round of trade talks under the auspices of the World Trade Organization aims at better integrating developing countries-especially the small and poor ones-into the global trad...

Statistical Legislation

Statistical Legislation »

Source: Statistical Legislation : Toward a More General Framework

Volume/Issue: 2002/179

Series: IMF Working Papers

Author(s): Sarmad Khawaja , and Thomas Morrison


Publication Date: 01 October 2002

ISBN: 9781451859041

Keywords: Statistical legislation, official statistics, statistics, law, statistical information, statistical system, surveys, Other Special Topics: General,

The paper outlines a general framework for statistical legislation. The implications of statistical legislation for the whole statistical system, as well as for centralized versus decentralized statistical systems,...