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Annexe 5. Questionnaire d’enquête

Annexe 5. Questionnaire d’enquête »

Source: Le FMI et l'aide à l'Afrique subsaharienne

Series: Independent Evaluation Office Reports

Author(s): International Monetary Fund. Independent Evaluation Office


Publication Date: 20 July 2007

Language: French

ISBN: 9781589066595

Keywords: expenditures, debt, expenditure, current account, public expenditure, fiscal deficit, survey, inflation, payments, interest

Cette dernière annexe précise le contexte du questionnaire d’enquête. La section I décrit la démarche qui a été suivie pour préparer le questionnaire et identifier les destinataires. Les sections II et III e...

Back Matter

Back Matter »

Source: A Better World for All

Series: Books

Author(s): International Monetary Fund


Publication Date: 26 June 2000

ISBN: 9781451976007

Keywords: maternal mortality, reproductive health, girls, reproductive health services, maternal deaths, International Development Strategy

This paper focuses on goal setting for development of the world. The paper highlights that the goals come from the agreements and resolutions of the world conferences organized by the United Nations in the first ha...