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What Drives the Global Land Rush?

What Drives the Global Land Rush? »

Source: What Drives the Global Land Rush?

Volume/Issue: 2011/251

Series: IMF Working Papers

Author(s): Harris Selod , Klaus Deininger , and Rabah Arezki


Publication Date: 01 November 2011

ISBN: 9781463923334

Keywords: Land Acquisition, Large-Scale Agriculture, Foreign Investments Agro-Ecological Potential, Land Availability, Land Governance, Property Rights, forest, investors, forest land, forest area

This paper studies the determinants of foreign land acquisition for large-scale agriculture. To do so, gravity models are estimated using data on bilateral investment relationships, together with newly constructed...

From Ambition to Execution

From Ambition to Execution »

Source: From Ambition to Execution : Policies in Support of Sustainable Development Goals

Volume/Issue: 2015/18

Series: Staff Discussion Notes

Author(s): Stefania Fabrizio , Rodrigo Garcia-Verdu , Catherine Pattillo , Adrian Peralta-Alva , Andrea Presbitero , Baoping Shang , Genevieve Verdier , Marie-Therese Camilleri , Kazuaki Washimi , Lisa Kolovich , Monique Newiak , Martin Cihak , Inci Otker , Luis-Felipe Zanna , and Carol Baker


Publication Date: 22 September 2015

ISBN: 9781513573304

Keywords: Inclusive growth, Income inequality, Gender, Environmental sustainability, Sustainable development, Fiscal policy, Developing countries, sustainable development goals, growth, structural transformation

The formal launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) sets the global development agenda through 2030, placing significant emphasis on promoting social and environmental sustainability alongside economic gr...