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Bolivia: Selected Issues

Bolivia: Selected Issues »

Source: Bolivia : Selected Issues

Volume/Issue: 2007/249

Series: IMF Staff Country Reports

Author(s): International Monetary Fund


Publication Date: 26 July 2007

ISBN: 9781451805833

Keywords: exchange rate, real exchange rate, real exchange, dutch disease, international monetary fund

This Selected Issues paper on Bolivia reports that it has experienced major increases in its gas reserves, production, and exports. Not only have their levels increased significantly, but also there have been exten...

Petroleum Product Subsidies

Petroleum Product Subsidies »

Source: Petroleum Product Subsidies : Costly, Inequitable, and On the Rise

Volume/Issue: 2010/05

Series: IMF Staff Position Notes

Author(s): John Piotrowski , David Coady , Justin Tyson , Rolando Ossowski , Robert Gillingham , and Shamsuddin Tareq


Publication Date: 25 February 2010

ISBN: 9781455239108

Keywords: Commodity price fluctuations, Oil exporting countries, Oil product prices, Oil subsidies, Price stabilization, Fiscal reforms, Governance, Taxes, Subsidies, Petroleum products

Petroleum product subsidies have again started to increase with the rebound in international prices. This note reviews recent developments in subsidy levels and argues that reforming the policy framework for settin...

CHAPTER 5 Economic Growth: What Has Been Achieved and How?

CHAPTER 5 Economic Growth: What Has Been Achieved and How? »

Source: Economic Adjustment and Reform in Low-Income Countries (ESAF Review Background Papers)

Series: Books

Author(s): Susan Schadler , and Hugh Bredenkamp


Publication Date: 30 June 1999

ISBN: 9781557757159

Keywords: inflation, public enterprises, public enterprise, enterprise reform, public enterprise sector

The promotion of sustainable economic growth is one of the principal objectives of ESAF-supported programs. This chapter examines the pattern of growth in ESAF countries over the past 10–15 years, drawing co...