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Taxation of Petroleum Products

Taxation of Petroleum Products »

Source: Taxation of Petroleum Products : Theory and Empirical Evidence

Volume/Issue: 1994/32

Series: IMF Working Papers

Author(s): Poonam Gupta , and Walter Mahler


Publication Date: 01 March 1994

ISBN: 9781451979756

Keywords: petroleum products, fuel oil, automotive diesel, heavy fuel oil, petroleum prices

The domestic taxation of petroleum products is an important source of revenue in most countries. However, there is a wide variation of tax rates on petroleum products across countries, which cannot be explained by...

Controlling Pollution

Controlling Pollution »

Source: Controlling Pollution : Using Taxes and Tradable Permits

Series: Economic Issues

Author(s): John Norregaard , and Valerie Reppelin


Publication Date: 09 March 2001

ISBN: 9781589060005

Keywords: tradable permits, pollution, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide emissions, pollutant

In December 1997, 160 nations meeting in Kyoto, Japan agreed to cut back emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. While ratified by only a very small number of countries so far, the “Kyoto Pro...