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Republic of Kazakhstan: Selected Issues

Republic of Kazakhstan: Selected Issues »

Source: Republic of Kazakhstan : Selected Issues

Volume/Issue: 2004/362

Series: IMF Staff Country Reports

Author(s): International Monetary Fund


Publication Date: 15 November 2004

ISBN: 9781451820935

Keywords: oil sector, international monetary fund, oil production, oil prices

This Selected Issues paper analyzes the optimal policy response on the part of the Kazakhstan authorities to the prospective oil inflows. It surveys the literature on the so-called natural resource curse and offers...

IMF Working Papers

IMF Working Papers »

Source: IMF Research Bulletin, June 2007

Volume/Issue: 8/2

Series: IMF Research Bulletin

Author(s): Antonio Spilimbergo


Publication Date: 01 June 2007

ISBN: 9781451929805

Keywords: oil prices, oil market, oil sector, oil revenues, higher oil prices

IMF research summaries on (1) oil market developments and the global economy (by Selim Elekdag), and (2) credit booms (by Marco Terrones); country study on India (by Helene Poirson); call for papers for November 20...

Petroleum Product Subsidies

Petroleum Product Subsidies »

Source: Petroleum Product Subsidies : Costly, Inequitable, and On the Rise

Volume/Issue: 2010/05

Series: IMF Staff Position Notes

Author(s): John Piotrowski , David Coady , Justin Tyson , Rolando Ossowski , Robert Gillingham , and Shamsuddin Tareq


Publication Date: 25 February 2010

ISBN: 9781455239108

Keywords: Commodity price fluctuations, Oil exporting countries, Oil product prices, Oil subsidies, Price stabilization, Fiscal reforms, Governance, Taxes, Subsidies, Petroleum products

Petroleum product subsidies have again started to increase with the rebound in international prices. This note reviews recent developments in subsidy levels and argues that reforming the policy framework for settin...