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Statistical Appendix

Statistical Appendix »

Source: Vietnam : Transition to a Market Economy

Series: Occasional Papers

Author(s): Krishna Srinivasan , Erich Spitäller , M. Braulke , Christian Mulder , Hisanobu Shishido , Kenneth M. Miranda , John Dodsworth , and Keon Lee


Publication Date: 15 March 1996

ISBN: 9781557755384

Keywords: exchange rate, inflation, foreign exchange, state enterprises, exchange rates

Table A1. Ranking of Low-Income Countries According to Share of Industry in GDP, 1987,1...

Appendix II GATT Classifications

Appendix II GATT Classifications »

Source: Trade Policy Developments in Industrial Countries

Series: Occasional Papers

Author(s): Wanda Tseng , Lorenzo Pérez , Zubair Iqbal , and Shailendra Anjaria


Publication Date: 08 July 1981

ISBN: 9781557750822

Keywords: international trade, oil exporting, exporting developing countries, bilateral agreements, quantitative restrictions

Classification of Countries and Regions Following the definitions used in the GATT publication, International Trade, 1979/80, the trading world is divided into:...

VII Banking Sector Developments

VII Banking Sector Developments »

Source: China's Growth and Integration into the World Economy : Prospects and Challenges

Series: Occasional Papers

Author(s): Eswar Prasad


Publication Date: 17 June 2004

ISBN: 9781589062580

Keywords: Economic growth, Development, Trade, exchange rate, inflation, real exchange rate, employment, unemployment

An effective banking sector is essential for promoting financial intermediation and the efficient allocation of resources. In China, this is especially true given the high saving and investment rates, and th...

Back Matter

Back Matter »

Source: Philippines : Toward Sustainable and Rapid Growth

Series: Occasional Papers

Author(s): Markus Rodlauer


Publication Date: 01 March 2000

ISBN: 9781557758613

Keywords: banking, central bank, inflation, monetary policy, monetary fund

This Occasional Paper discusses the policies behind the favorable economic performance of the Philippines during the 1990s, when it emerged from a long period of slow growth and economic imbalances and managed to e...

Back Matter

Back Matter »

Source: Capital Controls : Country Experiences with Their Use and Liberalization

Series: Occasional Papers

Author(s): Akira Ariyoshi , Andrei Kirilenko , Inci Ötker , Bernard Laurens , Jorge Canales Kriljenko , and Karl Habermeier


Publication Date: 17 May 2000

ISBN: 9781557758743

Keywords: capital inflows, exchange rate, capital controls, capital flows, foreign exchange

This paper examines country experiences with the use and liberalization of capital controls to develop a deeper understanding of the role of capital controls in coping with volatile capital flows, as well as the is...