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Taxation of Petroleum Products

Taxation of Petroleum Products »

Source: Taxation of Petroleum Products : Theory and Empirical Evidence

Volume/Issue: 1994/32

Series: IMF Working Papers

Author(s): Poonam Gupta , and Walter Mahler


Publication Date: 01 March 1994

ISBN: 9781451979756

Keywords: petroleum products, fuel oil, automotive diesel, heavy fuel oil, petroleum prices

The domestic taxation of petroleum products is an important source of revenue in most countries. However, there is a wide variation of tax rates on petroleum products across countries, which cannot be explained by...

8 Resource rent taxes

8 Resource rent taxes »

Source: The Taxation of Petroleum and Minerals : Principles, Problems and Practice

Series: Books

Author(s): International Monetary Fund


Publication Date: 19 April 2010

ISBN: 9780415781381

Keywords: taxation, tax administration, gas, fiscal stability, tax system

1 Introduction The aim of a resource rent tax is to capture resource rent realized by the exploitation of a mineral or hydrocarbon deposit. 1 Resour...