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Do Fiscal Spillovers Matter?

Do Fiscal Spillovers Matter? »

Source: Do Fiscal Spillovers Matter?

Volume/Issue: 2011/211

Series: IMF Working Papers

Author(s): Sebastian Weber , and Anna Ivanova


Publication Date: 01 September 2011

ISBN: 9781463902315

Keywords: coordinated fiscal exit, fiscal changes, fiscal consolidation, fiscal measure, Macroeconomic Aspects Of International Trade And Finance, Macroeconomic - Aspects Of Public Finance, Macroeconomic Policy, And General Outlook, general Aggregative Models,

The paper assesses the impact of fiscal spillovers on growth in the context of a coordinated exit from crisis management policies. We find that despite potentially sizeable domestic effects from consolidation, aggr...

2011 Spillover Report—Selected Issues

2011 Spillover Report—Selected Issues »

Source: Euro Area Policies : Spillover Report for the 2011 Article IV Consultation and Selected Issues

Volume/Issue: 2011/185

Series: IMF Staff Country Reports

Author(s): International Monetary Fund


Publication Date: 19 July 2011

ISBN: 9781462339549

Keywords: spillovers, bond, financial markets, financial market, financial sector, Euro Area Policies:,

The euro area (EA) plays a major role in the global economy. Market perceptions of events in the EA program countries illustrate the possibility of large spillovers from the area in times of stress. The prospect of...