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Forestry Taxation in Africa

Forestry Taxation in Africa »

Source: Forestry Taxation in Africa : The Case of Liberia

Volume/Issue: 2005/156

Series: IMF Working Papers

Author(s): Saji Thomas , and Arnim Schwidrowski


Publication Date: 01 August 2005

ISBN: 9781451861754

Keywords: forest, forestry sector, forests, forest management, Taxation, Subsidies, and Revenue: General, Economywide Country Studies: Africa, Renewable Resources and Conservation: Forestry,

Countries generally tax the forestry sector to achieve the twin objectives of revenue maximization and sustainability of logging levels. In an ideal world of perfect markets and information, auctions would be the b...

Back Matter

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Source: Perspectives économiques régionales, Oct 13 : Afrique subsaharienne Maintenir le rythme

Series: Regional Economic Outlook

Author(s): International Monetary Fund. African Dept.


Publication Date: 31 October 2013

Language: French

ISBN: 9781484369470

Keywords: frontier markets, exchange rate, capital inflows, debt, private capital, portfolio flows, balance of payments, structural reforms, exchange rate pegs, foreign exchange

The October 2013 Regional Economic Outlook: Sub-Saharan Africa provides a comprehensive report on the prospects for growth in the region, as well as the major risks to the outlook. Generally, growth is expected to...