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Source: Capital Controls : Country Experiences with Their Use and Liberalization

Series: Occasional Papers

Author(s): Akira Ariyoshi , Andrei Kirilenko , Inci Ötker , Bernard Laurens , Jorge Canales Kriljenko , and Karl Habermeier


Publication Date: 17 May 2000

ISBN: 9781557758743

Keywords: capital inflows, exchange rate, capital controls, capital flows, foreign exchange

This paper examines country experiences with the use and liberalization of capital controls to develop a deeper understanding of the role of capital controls in coping with volatile capital flows, as well as the is...

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Source: Global Financial Stability Report, September 2005 : Market Developments and Issues

Series: Global Financial Stability Report

Author(s): International Monetary Fund. Monetary and Capital Markets Department


Publication Date: 15 September 2005

ISBN: 9781589064508

Keywords: bond, bonds, investors, corporate bond, bond markets

This September 2005 issue of the Global Financial Stability Report highlights that financial conditions have remained broadly positive over the past six months, but some market developments diverged from consensus...