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Table of Contents for Volume 9 (1972)

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
December 1972
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The Allocation of Aid by the World Bank Group
Andrew M. KamarckSeptember22
The Bank Group Meeting
Martin ShivnanDecember32
Britain Joins the EEC
Hans O. SchmittDecember24
Climate for Development—the Fund’s Influence
Eduard H. BrauSeptember40
The Common External Tariff and Development in the East African Community
Joseph KakozaMarch22
The Development and Functioning of The Postwar International Monetary System
Fred HirschJune48
Domestic Savings in Developing Countries
Jean van der MensbruggheMarch36
Experiment and Development in Education
Jorge BravoJune22
Financial Stability and Planning
Subimal MookerjeeMarch2
Fund Activities in Developing Countries
Ernest SturcJune2
The Fund and the GATT
Edgar JonesSeptember30
The Fund Meeting
Peter F. Gourley and Patrick HonohanDecember38
José C. SánchizMarch62
The Gold Markets-1968-72
David WilliamsDecember9
Japan’s Capital Market: Recent Developments
Tadahiro AsamiDecember50
A Layman’s Guide to Little/Mirrlees
George B. BaldwinMarch16
The Limits of Growth: A Critique
Mahbub ul HaqDecember2
Management Strategy of a Central Bank in a Developing Country
Rudolf KrocJune42
Money and Banking in Yugoslavia: Since 1965
J.J. HauvonenMarch40
More Growth—More Employment? A Challenge for the Less Developed Countries
Anand G. ChandavarkarJune28
On Measuring Government
Jonathan LevinSeptember14
Resolving the Three-Horned Planning Dilemma
Albert WaterstonJune36
The Role of Contractual Savings
Madhusudan S. JoshiDecember43
Satellites and International Resource Development
Charles WeissJune8
Technical Cooperation Within the Third World
Anand G. ChandavarkarDecember17
Training as an Element in Bank Group Projects
Richard W. Van WagenenSeptember34
Transferring Industrial Technology
Savak S. TaraporeJune16
Unemployment and Poverty—What Remedies are Feasible?
Barend A. de VriesMarch10
What is “A World Bank Project”?
Bernard Chadenet and John A. King, Jr.September2
The World Bank, Project Lending, and Cooperatives
John A. King, Jr.March30
Recent Activity—International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Development Association, and International Finance CorporationMarch68
Recent Activity—International Monetary FundMarch71
Aschinger, Franz, Das Waerhrungssystem des Westens
Reviewed by David ArmourMarch76
Bertrand, Raymond, Economie Financière InternationaleJune61
Cline, William R., Potential Effects of Income Redistribution on Economic Growth: Latin American Cases
Reviewed by Jonathan LevinSeptember54
Cochrane, Glynn, Development Anthropology
Reviewed by Michael L. HoffmanJune59
de Mourgues, Michelle, Le marché monétaire dans le système financier français
Reviewed by J. van der MensbruggheJune59
Gillis, Malcolm (Editor), Fiscal Reform for Colombia: Final Report and Staff Papers of the Colombian Commission on Tax Reform
Reviewed by D.W. TownsonSeptember54
Grupo de Modelos Matematicos, Estilos de Desarrollo
Reviewed by Héctor F. AvilaSeptember53
The International Monetary System in Transition, Chicago 1972 (Proceedings)December61
An Introduction to Flow of Funds Accounting: 1952-70, Bank of England
Reviewed by Graeme S. DorranceDecember60
Johnson, Elizabeth (Editor), The Collected Writings of John Maynard Keynes—Volume 1: Indian Currency and Finance; Volume XV: Activities 1906-1914, India and Cambridge; Volume XVI: Activities 1914-1919, The Treasury and Versailles,
Reviewed by Elaine GoldsteinMarch74
Jordan, Roberts. (Editor), International Administration: Its Evolution and Contemporary ApplicationsJune61
Jordan, Robert S. (Editor), Multinational Cooperation: Economic, Social, and Scientific DevelopmentJune61
Martin, Edwin M., Development Assistance: Efforts and Policies of the Members of the Development Assistance Committee
Reviewed by Festus L. OsunsadeJune60
Rubin, Seymour J. (Editor), Foreign Development Lending: Legal Aspects, Papers and Proceedings of a Conference Sponsored by the American Society of International LawJune61
Sheppard, David K., The Growth and Role of U.K. Financial Institutions, 1880-1962June62
Spanier, David, Europe, Our Europe
Reviewed by Jan-Maarten ZegersDecember60
Ulman, Lloyd and Robert J. Flanagan, Wage Restraint: A Study of Incomes Policies in Western Europe
Reviewed by Morris GoldsteinSeptember53
Van der Valk, H.M.H.A., Het internationale monetaire stelsel in een vernieuwingsfaseSeptember54
Weitz, Raanan, From Peasant to Farmer: A Revolutionary Strategy for Development
Reviewed by D.W. TownsonMarch75
The 1972 Yearbook of the Far Eastern Economic ReviewJune61
Yudelman, Montague, Gavin Butler, and Ranadev Bernerji, Technological Change in Agriculture and Employment in Developing Countries
Reviewed by Richard W. LonghurstDecember61
Other Books ReceivedMarch76
Views and CommentsMarch76
World Bank AtlasMarch48



The Tarbela Dam in West Pakistan is the largest earth and rock-filled dam in the world, and will cost some $900 million. The dam’s significance, however, goes far beyond its size and cost; it is the largest civil engineering work of the complex and interrelated system of reservoirs, barrages, and link canals which formed the basis of the Indus Waters Treaty of 1960, and marked the end of the long dispute over water supplies between India and Pakistan. It is also the centerpiece of an integrated development program designed to exploit West Pakistan’s water and power resources. This program is outlined in the three-volume World Bank Report prepared by a World Bank Study Group comprised of Pieter Lieftinck, A. Robert Sadove, and Thomas C. Creyke.

Volume I is a condensed version of the entire study, including an evaluation of the huge Tarbela Dam project. Volume II gives a detailed discussion of irrigation and agriculture. Volume III contains papers covering background and methodological issues.

Volume I: The Main Report, 368 pp., $10.00

Volume II: The Development of Irrigation and Agriculture, 512 pp., $12.50

Volume III: Background and Methodology, 432 pp., $12.50

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Brief Notes, from a variety of official and unofficial sources, places the Fund’s activities in the wider context of world economic and financial developments. Banking and finance, exchange rates, fiscal and monetary policies, trade, development, and commodities are among the subjects reported. A Financial Calendar lists important recent and future dates.

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