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International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
May 2006
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World Economic and Financial Surveys

This series (ISSN 0258-7440) contains biannual, annual, and periodic studies covering monetary and financial issues of importance to the global economy. The core elements of the series are the World Economic Outlook report, usually published in April and September, and the semiannual Global Financial Stability Report. Other studies assess international trade policy, private market and official financing for developing countries, exchange and payments systems, export credit policies, and issues discussed in the World Economic Outlook. Please consult the IMF Publications Catalog for a complete listing of currently available World Economic and Financial Surveys.

World Economic Outlook: A Survey by the Staff of the International Monetary Fund

The World Economic Outlook, published twice a year in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, presents IMF staff economists’ analyses of global economic developments during the near and medium term. Chapters give an overview of the world economy; consider issues affecting industrial countries, developing countries, and economies in transition to the market; and address topics of pressing current interest.

ISSN 0256-6877.

$54.00 (academic rate: $51.00); paper.

September 2005 ISBN 1-58906-454-2. Stock #WEOEA2005002.

April 2005 ISBN 1-58906-429-1. Stock #WEOEA200501.

September 2004 ISBN 1-58906-406-2. Stock #WEOEA2004002.

April 2004 ISBN 1-58906-337-6. Stock #WEOEA200401.

Global Financial Stability Report: Market Developments and Issues

The Global Financial Stability Report, published twice a year, examines trends and issues that influence world financial markets. It replaces two IMF publications—the annual International Capital Markets report and the electronic quarterly Emerging Market Financing report. The report is designed to deepen understanding of international capital flows and to explore developments that could pose a risk to international financial market stability.

$54.00 (academic rate: $51.00); paper.

April 2006 ISBN -1-58906-504-2. Stock #GFSREA2006001.

September 2005 ISBN 1-58906-450-X. Stock #GFSREA2005002.

April 2005 ISBN 1-58906-418-6. Stock #GFSREA2005001.

September 2004 ISBN 1-58906-378-3. Stock #GFSREA2004002.

April 2004 ISBN 1-58906-328-7. Stock #GFSREA0012004.

Emerging Local Securities and Derivatives Markets

by Donald Mathieson, Jorge E. Roldos, Ramana Ramaswamy, and Anna Ilyina

The volatility of capital flows since the mid-1990s has sparked an interest in the development of local securities and derivatives markets. This report examines the growth of these markets in emerging market countries and the key policy issues that have arisen as a result.

$42.00 (academic rate: $35.00); paper.

2004. ISBN 1-58906-291-4. Stock #WEOEA0202004.

Official Financing: Recent Developments and Selected Issues

by a staff team in the Policy Development and Review Department led by Martin G. Gilman and Jian-Ye Wang

This study provides information on official financing for developing countries, with the focus on low-income countries. It updates the 2001 edition and reviews developments in direct financing by official and multilateral sources.

$42.00 (academic rate: $35.00); paper.

2003. ISBN 1-58906-228-0. Stock #WEOEA0132003.

2001. ISBN 1-58906-038-5. Stock #WEOEA0132001.

Exchange Arrangements and Foreign Exchange Markets: Developments and Issues

by a staff team led by Shogo Ishii

This study updates developments in exchange arrangements during 1998–2001. It also discusses the evolution of exchange rate regimes based on de facto policies since 1990, reviews foreign exchange market organization and regulations in a number of countries, and examines factors affecting exchange rate volatility.

ISSN 0258-7440.

$42.00 (academic rate $35.00).

March 2003. ISBN 1-58906-177-2. Stock #WEOEA0192003.

World Economic Outlook Supporting Studies

by the IMF’s Research Department

These studies, supporting analyses and scenarios of the World Economic Outlook, provide a detailed examination of theory and evidence on major issues currently affecting the global economy.

$25.00 (academic rate: $20.00); paper.

2000. ISBN 1-55775-893-X. Stock #WEOEA0032000.

Exchange Rate Arrangements and Currency Convertibility: Developments and Issues

by a staff team led by R. Barry Johnston

A principal force driving the growth in international trade and investment has been the liberalization of financial transactions, including the liberalization of trade and exchange controls. This study reviews the developments and issues in the exchange arrangements and currency convertibility of IMF members.

$20.00 (academic rate: $12.00); paper.

1999. ISBN 1-55775-795-X. Stock #WEOEA0191999.

Available by series subscription or single title (including back issues); academic rate available only to full-time university faculty and students.

For earlier editions please inquire about prices.

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